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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Two Directions (or more)

I feel like I've been heading in two directions of late. I have a new non-quilting project I've been working on but can't reveal until later today and then there's the studio work. I've been working in several directions in here to include:

Small project Sunday took up residence once again. This is for my iPad Pro (Kipp).

Kipp has a new outfit
My BOD's for the past week...

July 20-26
And I finished Toni's quilt. This is what I ended up free motion quilting into it.

A Kaffe Quilt
Toni is pretty specific about what she wants and this lends itself to what Kaffe includes into his fabrics (lots of large florals).

DW wasn't behaving yesterday while I was quilting. Skipping stitches big time. I had to call Gall to get Mike's take on what was happening and it seems all the new "guts" DW has received requires him to have the needle position a little different then what I'm used to. It needs to be set at about 6:32 instead of a straight 6:30 (or even a little less) from previous.

The zebra (we all know what it is now) is nearly interfaced. I have three small sections left in the last large section to go and then we can take it up to camp next weekend.

I won't have a full day in here once again because of the alternate project I was talking about earlier in the post. My goal is to finish the zebra and get my BOD done...that's about all the time I'll actually have to work so I better get at it.

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