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Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Conundrum

What happens when you skip a column while trying to make sure all these two inch squares line up correctly to make a design?

And, you didn't notice you skipped that column until you were nearly finished with the whole section you were working on? Well, you make a single column, place it where it needs to go with a pin, and when you start putting in the seams, you make sure it's included where it belongs.

At least, that's about all I came up with anyway.

Will work on the Zebra more today. We have thunderstorms this morning so I don't want to fire up DW until they pass later today (hopefully), and this needs to be done anyway so I might as well just continue on while I have all the stuff laid out on my pressing/planning table.

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  1. Did this 'oops' happen while we were talking on the phone? :) Glad you found a solution.