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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I'm Afraid!

I'm not afraid of much; heights don't bother me. Snakes are mouse eradicators. Spiders catch flies and mosquitoes. But I'm afraid to get back on the long arm.

Not because I feel like I've lost a little, or maybe even more then a little, of my skills, but because I'm afraid of how DW is going to behave. I just don't want to have to tear everything down and return him back to the dealer.

But here he is. Patiently waiting for me to stick something on him to make him work.

Patiently waiting.
Lily seems glad he's back. She's checking everything out this morning to make sure he's still here and is waiting for me to do something with him as well.

We didn't get to set him right in as soon as Jim arrived back home though. Mom came by during our brief lunch period and told us she put an offer in on a condo. She was so excited and I didn't even mention that the long arm was back (it was still in the Jeep at the time).

When we made motions towards the garage to get the carpet to go under his back feet, and when she peeked into the studio and saw it in "moving" mode, she realized he was back and we needed to get to it. We texted her again a couple of times during the evening to restate our excitement for her new potential purchase and that we were here for her for whatever she needs. I think she felt bad for interrupting. No. No! NO!

Anyway, something will be on here before the days end. I don't know what, but something.

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