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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

"Hello Honey. I'm Home."

This is why I'm blogging later then usual. I just went and picked him up and he sure sounds different. Much better then he did when he first left over six weeks ago. Now all I need is a big strong person to get him from the back of my Jeep into the house.

I want to come into the house!
Until Jim arrives back from work, I'm kinda stuck.

Yesterday I occupied my day with:

July 13-19

For the Orlando cause
Charity quilts.

What the heck?
And a mystery project.'s a mystery until I divulge the secret when people ask. If you take a close look, there is a slight separation about half-way through. Those are two different sections. I need to make 7 sections total. It took me all day to do those two, but it's going to be sooooooo cool when I get it done!

I think Cathy and I are aiming at working on these up at camp in a few weeks, so even though DW is here and will be able to stitch probably even later this evening, I have to keep at this each day to make sure I'm ready. We certainly don't have the room at Higgins Lake to spread something so huge out and be able to work on.

I want to test drive DW with something out of my stash rather then risking a customer quilt, so I'll load something up from here first to check his behavior. In the meantime, I'll just keep piecing.

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  1. YAY!! DW's home :) Hope he got plenty of rest because I'm sure you'll be working him to death once he gets set back up.