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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Week? Really?

It's been a week since my last post. Not. Cool.

But I'm back, for a bit anyways. What's been happening is virtually nothing because of the reunion, which is why I haven't been out here.

Yesterday was catch-up day. While we were up north enduring the rain, hail, wind, heat, bugs, dirt, and family, our next set of blocks in the next border were posted (of course it was) to complete. But first I had to make the five blocks I was behind on.

July 6-12
Obviously, only one of these was needed for that next border. Apparently we've moved back into 3 1/2" blocks. And, as of yesterday, we are now at exactly 5,000 pieces.

It took all afternoon to complete these (I was on the phone the whole time while trying to accomplish this task), and in the early evening, moved on to setting the 6 1/2" blocks in some sort of nice order. Here's what I came up with.

A lot of work in here!
I may or may not tackle getting this together today. We'll have to wait and see.

We received some DW news while we were up north. Apparently his handles were misplaced after arriving in Utah and JP (the guy working on DW) was so not happy about this situation. He was coming in on Saturday to finish DW up and get him shipped out either Saturday (yet) or first thing Monday morning. DW should be back by Thursday. Handi Quilter is eating the rush shipping to get him back to me because they feel they've had him way too long. Yeah!

But with all good news, there is some not so good news. I guess we are to receive one of those digital electric meters from Consumers Energy. They ask that nothing of importance be on while they install the meters. That's scheduled for sometime in the next few weeks. Of course, it'll be next Monday when I want to start rocking on these quilt tops I'm behind on because the notice came in last weeks mail while we were away.

Still trying to get our feet back on the ground around here from the weekend. We lose a lot of sleep up there and we aren't 21 anymore, so it takes a little bit out of us. Jim is fighting the heat, and I'm fighting with the laundry. We're both fighting with the brain fuzzies from all we have to do. Next year, we're taking mom's camper rather then trying to tent it. No. Questions. Asked!

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