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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Quiet Day

I didn't work on my "mystery" quilt at all yesterday, but did insert the five blocks I was missing from the previous day. Can you see it better now? Is it starting to look like something you recognize?

There are still three more rows to add and I have less then 12 days to do that in. I'll need to focus on this next week to make sure it's ready to head to quilt camp.

I did get this Kaffe Fasset top loaded for a customer.

Toni's Kaffe blocks
Since the print is so busy there won't be much detail inserted into the would just get lost. Toni sides more towards open quilting anyway and what I have in mind will work out well.

I did have [another] quilt block sent to me to test for Quiltmaker yesterday. It's paper pieced and I started on that before we had to head over to moms. 

She's purchasing a condominium in Charlotte (a recent development on her part), and she's kind of freaking out about all she has to do on the farm to prepare for her move. We'll be helping with that over the next three to six months.  

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  1. my book came yesterday... NOW I remember looking at Cathy's... what the hell did you two get me in to?!?! When I ordered the book, I didn't realize that I was going to have to color in all those tiny spaces... and I can't even figure out which one is the tiger! I may have to send the book to my oldest daughter for her to color all the pages for me :) ( her eyes are better than mine). Love the zebra, too, but doubt I'll be trying that one.