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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Same, but Different

Yesterday, today, and probably tomorrow will be more of Cindy's quilt. It's kind of freeing actually. Each of the 126 shadow boxes are quilted kind of the same, but yet entirely different then any others. No two will be exactly alike and it provides the opportunity to be creative and have fun!

I was disrupted yesterday quite frequently (despite my wanting to completely focus), and only achieved completion of 29 blocks. I need to buckle down today!

Handi Quilter is sponsoring a contest for a long arm quilt retreat in January. It's an all expenses paid four-day trip and all you have to do is submit a video on what inspires you to 'quilt as desired'. I just uploaded my video and I have no doubts of my not being picked as one of the finalists (my videography skills are extremely raw), but it was fun to make at any case.

In other personal news...we now have a[nother] PhD in the house. Andrew's dissertation defense yesterday went very well and he now has his PhD in Astrophysics. What a great accomplishment for my eldest son!

Back to my machine.

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  1. YAY and CONGRATS to Andrew!! Good luck on the video entry - hope you win :)