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Friday, December 2, 2016

Phone Off, Long-Arm On

For the next few days, this will be what I'm up to. Other then my daily blocks from Australia, I'll pretty much be in front of DW. This is where we stopped last night (before my phone started ringing).

Nearly as nice as the picture
This idea was obtained from Pinterest and the customer (a fellow guild member) gave me the go-ahead to repeat it in her quilt. Last nights lighting doesn't do it justice (makes it look kind of bad actually). There are a total of 126 blocks to do like this. I only have 121 more to go. I'll need to do at least 20 per day to hit my deadline of next Thursday since I have to work on Monday and Tuesday next week. So, the phone gets shut off, the Pandora gets cranked and we rock and roll.

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