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Thursday, December 22, 2016

On, Off; On, Off; On

This quilt was on the frame yesterday morning, and then off just before lunch.

Susan's Wrestling Quilt
Here's a little detail I put into the quilt for her. 

Eaton Rapids Wrestler Quilt
Then this quilt was on the frame...

Betty's Reverse Applique
Before I left for work, it was done and taken off. Betty just wanted me to baste it up for her so she could hand quilt it during the oncoming months. 

Now I have another quilt on the frame. 
Charlotte's Quilt
This is today's project. I loaded it right after Susan and Caroline came to pick up her wrestling quilt, and before I did today's BOD. 

I'm supposed to be in Portland for a Stitcher's Garden II class later today but am going to defer (again) this month. I have quilt camp coming up in January and maybe I can get the past two months caught up while there?!? The quilt above needs to be quilted by the end of today and then bound and wrapped before I head off to work tomorrow. Christmas pressure....gotta love it. 

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