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Wednesday, December 21, 2016


I'm rethinking my blog. I don't know that too many people actually read it, but on the other hand, I write it basically for myself. It's a way for me to keep track of my quilting progress and what exactly is going on in my studio.

But, for the next year (at least), I have this stupid job thing outside of the home and my postings are becoming quite erratic. Sometimes I work several days in a row and the studio work becomes virtually nil. The other days I just play catch up on what I have to do for other folks. I'm asking myself if I should continue?

I think I'll make a decision before the year comes to a close. Meanwhile, I'll post up what I can and decide from there.

Here are last weeks BOD's (that I should have posted yesterday).

December 14-20
I got a bee in my bonnet (or rather, an icicle in my hat given our latest weather) and decided my dad's new wife needed a quilt for Christmas. I received a Tunga fat quarter pack for testing blocks over the summer for the Quiltmaker 100 Quilt Blocks Vol. 14 issue. There was a very simplistic pattern included and I thought maybe she would like her own couch quilt. I started that last night.

We are meeting them on Saturday for that side of our Christmas (ahhh...the holiday festivities begin). Can I do it? In my head I can, so we'll see if my time management skills are still holding on.

I have a four hour shift later today at work and another long shift on Friday afternoon. I have a customer coming to pick up a quilt this morning. daily blocks to complete as well as a customer basting job to load, baste, and then unload before I can get the Christmas present onto the frame. Ready. Set. Quilt!

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  1. don't give up the blog!!! I enjoy reading it even if I'm the only one. Sometimes it helps me get up and actually DO something.... now, if I could just get back into blogging myself :(.