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Monday, September 9, 2013

The Top is Done!

And with one day to spare on my two week estimate for Scrap Squad quilt #5. I did not anticipate the difficulty of adjoining the rows in this quilt. I have never made a parallelogram-type of quilt and especially setting it on point. The first row had to be ripped out because, like I've been taught, you butt the seams together to make sure they intersect perfectly.

You don't do that on parallelograms! the seams actually have to cross at the quarter-inch mark to make sure they line up. I don't know if I did it correctly, but what I ended up doing was to "fake sew" with a pin horizontally and then flipping the row being added up to see if I was lined up correctly. I did this with each and every seam intersection...which means, pretty much the whole top.

I was pretty pleased with the results and found that only a few were a teensy bit off. There is one seam that after resewing twice, just couldn't get it to behave, so my three-times-and-your-out rule applied in this instance. From 10-feet away, you can't even see which one it is, so I'm calling it good.

I see that that pattern does not have any borders added, but I'm feeling like I want to add one or two. I think a dark, thin border first, and then a wider, lighter border second. Perhaps some prairie points in that second border to accent the points in the stars within the top itself? Thinking out loud here, can you tell?

I'll play with it tomorrow to see what I come up with on paper/computer before I take to the cutting mat and sewing machine. Isn't creating fun?

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  1. Boy this would be easier if you'd show us pictures. (tee hee hee) Will I get a preview on Thursday?