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Monday, September 2, 2013

Freezer Paper Is My Friend

When working with templates, and until recently, I used to use the old fashioned templates. I would cut them out of cardboard and hope that I cut the patches correctly. Which I generally did not. I did not like to use heavy plastic for two reasons: 1) It's expensive and 2) They are bad for the environment, especially if they weren't going to be used again for another project.

Freezer paper was introduced to me about a year ago after taking a portrait quilt class. I had a huge roll I purchased from a yard sale years ago, but never learned, or had it explained to me, how to use this wonder tool.

Isn't it great to finally find out how to do something easier? With the scrap squad #5 quilt, half the quilt is being built with foundation paper piecing, and the other half I'm doing with templates. I've used my parallelogram freezer foundations nearly through the whole quilt and they are just started to conk out on me. Talk about getting your money's worth!

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