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Friday, September 13, 2013


It gets kind of tiring when all a person does is blather on and on without any visuals doesn't it? Well, here are a few anyway.

This is Falling Charms and the last we'll be seeing of this quilt. It's being donated to our VA folks down in Battle Creek and will find a new home/owner around Veteran's Day.

Falling Charms

The label deserved a pic as well since is was such a pickle to work with. :-)

My next design wall contestant needed to be pieced together. As much as I loved having this on my wall to decorate my studio, it was time to put it together and get the next set of blocks up there.

This is Spring Garden and was a short mystery quilt/workshop I took guessed it! Craftsy! Amy Gibson is an amazing person and I would love to meet her some day in person! I couldn't resist anything she offered so I selected to take this workshop even though I didn't particularly care for the fabrics offered, the thought of a mystery quilt (because I have a terrible history with them), and I knew I was beyond the given skill level.

But every once in a while you have to do a simple project just to keep your sanity and perspective on your craft so I dug right in and created the blocks in an afternoon. I pieced the top this morning and here is the result.

Spring Garden
After checking the pattern and the workshop materials, identified that I did follow the directions correctly and even after a few people questioned the directions, put it together like I was instructed. Sometimes I wish I wasn't such a literal person because if you look at this top, there is something minor that I should have picked up on while it was living on my design wall for four days. And wouldn't you know it...didn't pick it up until I put the two halves together. I wasn't going to pick it apart at this point and just decided to leave it as is. Can you find the error in the design?

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