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Thursday, September 12, 2013

On to other things

Yesterday was good news day. B's Quilting in Charlotte can turn the scrap squad quilt around for me in my short deadline timespan. I love the motif we picked for the quilting and can't wait to see how it turns out. I never did get a pic of the quilt with the borders on it prior to taking it up, but I knew that time was of the essence and so had to whisk it off toot sweet.

After arriving back home, I unpacked the Falling Charms charity quilt that Katie quilted for me and started in on the binding and the label. I've never had a label give me such trouble before and struggled with that through most of the early afternoon. After finally getting that right, I then moved on to the binding. Thankfully, that's going much better.

I needed a little break with Falling Charms and pieced together all the blues in Anita's Arrowhead. I counted to see how many blocks I have constructed to far after my blue construction. To my dismay, I only have 36. To make a queen-sized quilt I need about 100. Because I'm running out of large scraps, and don't want to start digging into my yardages, have decided to make this a colorful couch quilt and settle on a few less blocks.

My next plan of action, and since it's such a fun quilt to do, is to obtain 4 "like" layer cakes and put together another larger quilt using the same Anita's Arrowhead pattern. It's a nice quilt to take a break with and the blocks are so fun to put together. Anita uses a really subdued flowery pattern for one of her examples, and I'd like to do something like she did. I'll have to start keeping an eye on MSQC's web site to take advantage of their daily deals for purchase of said layer cakes.

I also played with a new little apple core kit I purchased at the Cal-Co quilt show last weekend. I wanted to do a few test pieces before digging in to the actual pattern to make sure I understood the directions. This is a new realm for me in using glue to "baste" the pieces down prior to hand stitching them together. It's kind of a spin on English paper piecing and will be an educational experience I'm sure.

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