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Monday, September 16, 2013

Piccadilly Circles

Isn't this quilt so beautiful? When I saw it in the July/August 2013 issue of Quiltmaker, I knew it was to be done! I started the quilt shortly after receiving the issue, but a house move, a wedding, and renovations to said house were definite quilt-making stoppers.

Piccadilly Circles
Since I'm working my way through some of my UFO's, this top was nearly at the bottom of the heap. There still are others, but they are work-as-you-go tops. This top just needed to get done since it is so nice.

Speaking of Quiltmaker, Linda, at B's Floral (also home to Bee Quilted) phoned me today and said my Star Search quilt was already done! What? Are you kidding me? Talk about the royal treatment! After I got it home and grabbed a bite to eat for lunch, I laid it out to see whether the prairie points I wanted to put into that last border would work. Nope. Too much. I'm going to leave it "as is" and call it good. I'll start the binding tonight and get some pics of it up as soon as the binding is completed.

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