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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Now the Top is Done!

While the actual blocks were completed yesterday on Star Search (Scrap Squad #5), I had yet to decide whether to border the quilt. If you didn't read yesterdays blog, the original pattern did not include any borders on the top. I wanted to extend the size of the top and thought that perhaps some borders would be nice to add to the project.

I did decide on two. One thinner border and then one a little thicker. I plan on setting some prairie points on that outside lighter border once the quilt has been quilted.

Speaking of which. I'm tossing around the idea of trying to get this bugger under my machine(s), but the quilt, with the added borders, seems nearly too daunting to peruse into that venue. I have to make some phone calls tomorrow to see where I can get the thing done in a quick-like manner.

I worked on a few Anita's Arrowheads today after completing the scrap squad top. My yellows are now done and will move on to the blues next.

Katie gave me the Falling Charms charity quilt last Thursday. She quilted it up for me and since it was for charity donated through our quilt guild, she did it pro-bono. I love Katie! I still need to get a binding and a label on it, so maybe tomorrow (after finding a quilter for my scrap squad quilt), I'll complete that.

I also put Spring Garden on the design wall. This was a workshop through Craftsy and had been sitting in block on my design table for a number of weeks now. Once we put up the temporary design wall, Star Search took over the wall for the past two weeks so I was unable to set Spring Garden on the wall to plan out how that quilt will piece together. I think this is going to be a simple, yet beautiful quilt.

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