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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Winter is here...

...and so it's time to quilt! I have both fire places burning as the temperatures reach below zero. BUT this is good! When it's too cold outside to work I quilt, quilt, quilt and love, love, love every minute of it!

I'm in heaven!

Since the scrap squad quilt is at the quilters, I have been busy working on just a few things. Wonky fans, Al Boreland's ragg quilt, and a table runner with three huge hearts in the center (thank you again Jenny Doan at MSQC).

The Al Boreland quilt is below. I can't show you the other two because they aren't quilted yet. I ran out of batting a few weeks ago and forgot all about it until a few days ago so I'm waiting for my batting to come in the mail.

This will be donated to charity through ASQ guild. 

Today I'll be reviving an old Quiltmaker pattern I've had hanging on the wall for about 13 years. The Quiltmaker magazine is dated March/April, 2000. More to come on that when it's finished. 

Happy Quilting!

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