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Monday, January 7, 2013

This or That?

Our Quiltmaker Scrap Squad is now in full swing. We have our first pattern already and I'm feverishly building the blocks. 48 are in the original pattern and I'm thinking I'm going to stick to that amount.

I have decided to only use my fat quarter stash and not bust into the yardage stash. We have been directed to remember we are the SCRAP squad, not the make-it-like-the-picture squad. :-)

The colors I have chosen are bright and I have limited brights in yellow, orange, green, and dark purple. We'll see how it goes. Meanwhile, there are a variety of ways the completed blocks can be arranged to make up the quilt top. I've played with a few and have found these two to be the most pleasing.

Which to choose? 

I have 30 blocks done thus far and am totally enjoying making this quilt! While each block is constructed the same way, like all scrappy quilts I've completed, it's a new adventure with each block because of the variety of colors within. 

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