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Friday, January 4, 2013

Teeth Be Gone

I've had some loose teeth in the back of my mouth for about a year now. Apparently I'm suffering from some gum disease or such silliness and my molars didn't want to stay put. I love my teeth! I take very, very good care of them, and despite my constant care and caring for them, they needed to be removed. Wednesday was the day.

Needless to say, it's Friday, and here I am. I have the most amazing dentist and she had those three buggers out in less then an hour! Wow! The last tooth I had pulled took 2 hours to do and it was only the first of the four that needed removing. Needless to say, I put off the other three because of the previous experience. BTW...that first tooth was done while living in Arizona.

Now that I've hurdled that very traumatic experience (for me anyway), I'm back to my quilting adventures.

After opening my email this morning I was bombarded with several from Quiltmaker regarding our Scrap Squad commitment and the first scrap pattern we'll need to make. My first deadline is 2/15 and I will be delving into that as soon as I can clean up my studio downstairs from the other quilt I'm working on.

The other quilt is a rainbow-type of dresden that I'm modifying from a picture I saw in a book. So, in other words, I don't have a pattern, and I don't have any measurements. It's all free form. Prior to my little "surgery" I was able to complete the center dresden and figured I'll just build around that for the rest of the quilt.

I need to run to the Marshall House and purchase some background fabric though. I don't think I have enough in my stash to actually handle the 3 or so yards for the dark section. Shopping trip to the quilt store...bummer!!!

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