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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Top Finished

I normally listen to Norah Jones on my Pandora, or sometimes old rock and roll, or when I'm being creative, classical. But today I had to listen to some blues. The quilt top being made for scrap squad wasn't going together very well yesterday. I finally just had to walk away from it because of the frustration level I was achieving.

Today I was prepared. I put the blues on Pandora and a load of wash in the dryer (to warm up the studio--the dryer vents its warm air directly into my sewing space) and rethought how I was going to tackle this seemingly infuriating task.

I trimmed, I pinned, I ironed, I sewed, and yet, each block had its own little personality when joining it with its neighboring block. Luckily, my 10-foot mantra kept replaying in my head to keep me from just throwing the whole thing out and starting fresh.

By lunchtime I had the blocks together. I didn't have enough fabric in the colors I wanted to use for the borders, so off to the quilt store I went. I needed to get away for a little bit anyway since I was so disappointed in how this worked out.

After getting the borders on I was okay with the quilt. I decided after its completion that this would be a nice quilt to donate to the VA hospital in Battle Creek in November. Some lucky (or unlucky) VA will appreciate at least my willingness to try.

Now the quilt has to be taken to Akay Creations for quilting. My new friend, Alicia Campbell, will forever do my quilting since she did such an awesome job on Ben's Bow Tie quilt for Christmas and we share a kindred quilting spirit.

Here's the quilt as it hangs on the design wall right now.

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