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Monday, January 28, 2013

Bottled Rainbows

This original design was featured in the Jan/Feb 12 No. 143 issue of Quiltmaker. I was waiting for Christmas presents to arrive before I did one myself. My mom is very good at getting me jelly rolls and charm packs for the holidays and sure enough, I received not one, but two solid colored jelly rolls this year. I LOVE my mom!!!

I have renamed the quilt Mosaic Madness because I'm going to start playing with the overall colors and shapes within the blocks as well as different stitch embellishments between the separate scraps of fabric.  Since I used all the jelly roll pieces on this quilt and the yet-to-be-published-here Wonky Fans quilt (first set of borders on yesterday and then the flange/prairie points after quilting), I am left with just a few scraps and won't have enough to complete the "framing" on each of the blocks, so I'm going to have to play with those also (oh darn).

My guild members have asked me to teach this quilt during our March Quilt University set of classes and I have gladly agreed. I'm so excited that I'm going to be able to teach again! Adults should be much easier then 6-year olds, right?

Here's a close up of a few of the blocks:

Recognize any of these fabrics?

Meanwhile, I'm working on a HUGE Dresden from some 1930's fabric Andrew gifted me with at Christmas (my family knows me so well). I wanted to make the blades large and started with 8" on my Easy Dresden Template. Needless to say, I'm cutting the background blocks at 20" square to fit the monster on. BUT, the four blocks I have completed look amazing!

And on the administrative side of things; I have just inserted my Scrap Squad badge on my blog so now I look more official. I'm loving my fellow scrapers and they all seem so much fun! It's too bad we don't live closer together so we could meet fact to face and share our quilt building stories in person.

Back to the studio!

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  1. Maybe we might meet at a Quilt Festival one day!!My guild went to Chicago two years ago and we are talking about another soon!!