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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Laura is sick...

...again. Not my future daughter-in-law Laura, but the machine that keeps my life (in)sane. I do work her pretty hard, but after talking to my fellow ASQ guild members, found that I don't work her any harder then they do their Bernina's, Phaff's, Baby Locks, and Janome machines. I have one member who actually sews a LOT more then even I do on her little Singer and said she's never had any issues.

I think today I need to take her back to the dealer and have her serviced. I understand servicing needs to happen on occasion but it seems mine needs it more then others around me. I am careful to maintenance her here between projects, and I am careful to replace needles regularly, so I'm not sure why this very expensive machine is causing me so many headaches.

Perhaps, with the Christmas money I received it's time to part with it for an additional back up. I did get Husky out last weekend for our Friday sew-in but Husky has issues with seams thicker then two pieces of fabric, and he's not real great at feeding consistently. In other words, that 1/4" seam is tough to maintain with him and in a quilters world, this is an absolute must.

For Laura's final farewell for a while, I completed the quilting on the vegetable quilt mentioned below, and made this cute little Valentines table runner for our round table upstairs. Both quilts, I might add, where done completely out of what I had in the scrap bins.

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