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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Here it is!

The finished product...kind of. This isn't the greatest pic of it, but once it comes back from the quilters, we'll get a final shoot and send it back out here.

No Guilt Quilt

I've been working away at the t-shirt quilt. I'm finding it fun, yet frustrating. Inspirational, yet very challenging. Colorful, yet painstakingly slow. As much as I've been working on it, I'm barely half way through designing it on the wall. I almost feel like I need to put together what I've got up there so far and see more where I'm at, but I won't.

I have already moved a few of the shirts around a bit to make up for fillers and positioning, so I know if I start putting it together, I'll end up ripping out a few of what I've done to accommodate my new ideas; and unsewing is NOT fun!

Since Monday was my birthday, Jim got a few quilt-y things for me. Four layer cakes from The Marshall House for a larger blocked Anita's Arrowhead quilt. The cakes are so fun and in terrific colors so it'll be cool to see how they all come together over the next few months. I want to have this one done for our quilt show in March, so I'm doing a few blocks each day to ensure completeness for the show.

The second thing he got for me was a complete (directions, patterns, AND fabrics) set for the Wind in the Whiskers wall hanging by McKenna Ryan. I love her colors and use of batiks and this will be a winter project that should keep me busy for quite some time. There are seven panels to complete the whole quilt and each panel has lots and lots of pieces to work with so this should perk up those blah winter months.

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