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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Got the winter sewing bug

Winter and I have a love/hate relationship. I hate the cold, the fact that snow keeps me at home, and the nasty mess my wood burner leaves all over the house. I love the cold because I get so much done downstairs in my studio!

Currently, I have three, no make that four quilts going right now. We have received our second scrap squad quilt layout on Saturday (or thereabouts) and have already delved into that. It's a paper piecing wall hanging and we all know how much I LOVE paper piecing! Here's what I have on the wall right now:

The second quilt is called Animal Whimsy and is a "kit" of sorts that mom purchased for me for Christmas (I have the coolest mom). I have the shoo fly blocks completed and a few of the animals but have run out of fusible web for the rest. There is NO place around here that sells the stuff so I'll have to pick some up this weekend. No pics of this but you can see the two shoo fly fabrics (red and white) next to the Star Spinner blocks down below.

The third quilt is the dresden quilt made out of some 30's fabric, and yes, I'm still working on it. The blocks are 20" square so it's a rather large undertaking. I have two blocks completed, and have been tackling a dresden a day, or thereabouts. Here's a pic I shot of it before I took it down from the design wall to make room for the scrap squad quilt. There are 20 total blocks in this quilt so the reason for the longevity in creation.

The fourth quilt is a my favorite even though there are a LOT of HST's! It was in the most recent issue of Quiltmaker and when I saw it on the cover, just knew I had to dig right in given the bugger is of course, yellow. I'm not altering this one at all because it looks perfect just the way the designer/creator made it. It's called Star Spinner and here are a few blocks that will be incorporated into it:

I'm off to my ASQ guild meeting tonight to hand out supply lists for the class I'm teaching a week from Saturday. I'm so excited!!! Can't you tell! Hopefully the winter storm they are predicting for tonight holds off until I make it back home (my blood pressure has already escalated just knowing it's on its way). Until next time...happy sewing!

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