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Thursday, December 13, 2012

What did I do today?

I started off thinking this morning that a pin cushion specifically for my hexagon project was in order. So I made that. It's a cute little flowery thing that folds up into itself. It will hold all my basting needles, pins and hand sewing needles too!

After making that, I had enough fabric left over to make a bag to match the pincushion. My thinking behind this is that I needed a place to store all the squares I pre-cut, the paper hexagon templates (for the English paper piecing), a pair of scissors, a couple of spools of contrasting thread, and of course, the basted fabric hexagons. So I made a bag.

I had an outstanding block to complete for my Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Volume 7 (yep, I'm doing that again) so I pulled out the box of fabrics they sent to me (I'm also making a real quilt for them for this next issue) and made my block. That took a while because it was kind of intricate.

Tomorrow is sew-in and I don't really have anything in the works right now (my string quilt is coming along and I completed what strings I had a last night). I do have a few quilts in the block stage (coffee cups and weird jelly roll thing) but I don't have the fabric for the sashing on the coffee cups and I'm rethinking the "off" blocks of the jelly roll thing, so those are not an option for tomorrow.

I have to start the DeGroot reunion quilt and have been tossing around ideas in my little brain. I received some Farmer's Day charm packs a few weeks ago that I ordered from Missouri Star Quilt Company, and made a decision to make a rag quilt with those and the 7" jeans squares I already have cut.

I was short 9 charm squares so I cut up any other "fruity" fabric I had laying around and now have enough to make a nice picnic quilt for the reunion, so I think that's what I'll do at sew-in.

After I cut those squares out (it only took me a 1/2 hour or so), I started into my hexagon project. You're going to hear a lot about this I'm afraid. I thought about it today and started crunching some numbers. I want the quilts finished size to be about 80x100. One side of the hexagon is 1", but across the hexagon is 1.75 inches. It looks like I'll need about 4,571 hexagons to complete it. I did 7 more tonight, so I have a total of 8. I even made my first "flower" complete with hand stitching the individual hexagons together. This took longer then I had anticipated, but it's something new and I think over time, the speed will greatly increase.

It was 10:30 before I came back upstairs, but because I did such a variety of projects today, I'm not as tired as I usually am when I just press and sew all day long. Food for thought.

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