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Friday, December 14, 2012

Another Finished Product (Project)

I struggle sometimes to think of that perfect project for whatever.

I thought I had the reunion quilt figured out for this upcoming year, but the pattern I was tossing around in my head wasn't tried or true, it was brand new. I didn't want to chance a family quilt to, well,  chance. So I had to vary my thinking.

After pondering this for a few months, and while talking to Papa on the phone yesterday, I finally came up with a splendid idea. The whole family loves to garden, and if they don't love to garden, I KNOW they love to eat. And...since the previous two years have been wall hanging quilts (used to wet their appetites for upcoming years and hopefully higher bidding) I wanted to make a useful smallish type of quilt.

Rag quilts ahoy! Voila~

P.S. 12 more hexagons done this evening...but no flowers.

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