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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year

With the holidays whizzing by it's hard to keep up with blogging and all the comings and goings that happen around our house; family, friends, celebrations, and of course, eating.

I have come to the conclusion that my huge oak tree doesn't entirely lose its leaves until later in the winter so that I have something to do first thing in the spring to work off those unwanted chocolate pounds and to put some muscles back where my winter pudge has parked itself. It's a win-win situation I think.

While visiting with family and friends, however, I have been able to work on those hexagons. I'm not sure where I'm at with them, but I have completed enough to fill three pockets on my hexy project bag. Probably around 75 if I had to guess. I'll count them today while I'm pressing them. I have completed three additional flowers so we'll add those to the pile as well.

Fabric santa was very good to me this year. Andrew purchased 22 yards of thirties fabric for a dresden project I have my eye on. Jim purchased me a Kona solids jelly roll in light colors and my mom purchased not only the light color solid jelly roll, but the bright solids as well. I have already begun the Bottled Rainbows quilt featured in an earlier Quiltmaker magazine.

I also received from my mom a fantastic cooler full of charm packs, templates, and various yardages of civil war print fabrics. It was Christmas within a Christmas!!! I was beyond speechless.

Speaking of Quiltmaker...I have been selected to participate not only in the Volume 7 100 Blocks test team, but also the elite Scrap Squad for 2013. What an awesome beginning to the new year right around the corner. I can't wait to put all those scraps to use this year. Watch for the six quilts I'll be making for the squad.

Here are the Christmas quilts that adorned our home during this holiday season. A few of them went out as prizes for the annual DeGroot Christmas party. This year the family had to decorate bulbs with glitter pens and votes were taken to identify a few of the winners.

The last "cow" quilt was actually a gift to my middle son, Ben, for Christmas. He loves cows and I wanted to design a wall hanging designated to our family favorite sitcom, Friends.

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