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Friday, August 30, 2013

Half Way

While I wasn't too motivated today with the temps being warm and the house trying to stay cool, I still managed to get the middle row done on Star Search; this is the name of our next scrap squad quilt and it's proving to be a little easier then I originally thought when starting this project.

With the blocks on the design wall, it doesn't appear to have the higher contrast I had hoped for but after shooting pics of it, it seems to be okay. I think I've just looked at it too much over the past four days and I'm becoming a little too engrossed in it.

To reward my accomplishment on Star Search, I did two more blocks on Anita's Arrowhead (yet another class I'm taking on Craftsy) and then called it a night. Since the Spartans have their first football game tonight, I'll retire into the family room and work on some hexagons while listening to Caleb and Jim yell at the refs on the TV.

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